Give God A Year And See What He Will Do In You, And Through You.

Equippers Creative Lab is a full time, 40 week course designed to train you in the creative arts, while being mentored, discipled, and equipped for life, through faith in Jesus Christ. Training is based at the beautiful historical Mercury Theatre in the heart of Auckland City and operates under the covering of Equippers Church, Auckland, New Zealand.
Worship Pastors at Equippers Church, Lead Members of the
original Parachute Band, and Founders  of Equippers Creative Lab



“Our dream has always been to train Christians in creative arts to a standard that is world class, but with character that is heaven-class!  We believe a Christian artist should be Christian first and Artist second. We want to teach you that your greatest communication tool is your life, not your gift, and the key to excellence in both is GOD! So give God a year and see what He will do in and through you, as you are not only tutored and trained in music and production, but mentored by Libby and myself and our team of great communicators and ministers.  All in the environment of a local church that is strong in pastoral care and nation impacting ministry.”

Course Details

Equippers Creative Lab is a full time, 40 week course designed to train you in the creative arts, while being mentored, discipled and equipped for life, through faith in Jesus Christ. Training is based at the beautiful historic Mercury Theatre in the heart of Auckland City, and operates under the covering of Equippers Church, Auckland, New Zealand.

Course Fees

5700 (+15% GST) / Fees include Shout Conference, EquipHer or ManUp registration fees.

This full-time, 40 week course includes:

•  Music, Vocal & Technical Production
•  Ensemble & Individual Performance Coaching
•  Nationwide Revolution Tour
•  Creative Arts in Ministry
•  Biblical Foundations
•  Character Development and Personal Mentoring
•  Song Writing
•  Music Production & Recording
•  Logic Software Tuition
•  Ear & Rhythm Training
•  Worship Foundations & Practical Worship Leading
•  Weekly Serving at any of the Equippers Church Campuses (Or your own Church if in Auckland)
Creative Lab students are given the opportunity to be part of  The Revolution Tour. The Revolution Tour takes to the road every year around New Zealand, with bands, dance crews, huge sounds, multimedia, lights, and a simple message that every teenager should hear.

(Award Winning Recording Artist, Senior Pastor Hope Unlimited Church, NSW, Australia)


“I have known Wayne and Libby Huirua for many years, both as leaders and as friends, and their heart for God, for worship and for training and discipling young creatives, qualifies the platform they lead from. I highly recommend Equippers Creative Lab and I’m excited to see what God is going to do in the nation of New Zealand, and beyond, as young people take up the charge to get equipped and trained in the Creative Arts.”

(Multi Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist. Worship Pastor, Lakewood Church, Houston Tx, USA)


“I love Wayne and Libby as friends – they are Generals in worship in New Zealand and carry an excellent spirit, and a heart for mentoring and equipping creative Christians. I have no hesitation in recommending Equippers Creative Lab to you, for Jesus-centred training.”

(Recording Artist, Producer/Engineer, Nashville, TN, USA)


“I am pumped about Equippers Creative Lab.  I’ve known Equippers Church and Wayne and Libby for years, and am excited to see God pour into the next generation, with trusted ministers, under the covering of such a great local church.  Highly recommend!”

(Keyboardist for Marcus Miller Band)


“I would recommend Creative Lab to every young aspiring musician. I wish I had this opportunity coming up as an early player. Creative Lab teaches you not only how to be a total musician but also how to be a complete person in Christ. My time with Creative Lab was life changing! Wayne and Libby truly exemplify the heart of worship.”


Initial entry to Equippers Creative Lab is by video audition. Successful video applicants will then be notified and a confidential pastoral reference will be required. This form is downloadable in the downloads section. To start the audition process, complete the online form by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button. Once your form has been completed, we will contact you with information about uploading your video.

Domi Wagner

Guitar Major 2015

“I came to Equippers Creative Lab from Germany, knowing that I have a passion for writing songs. I started when I was 12…
But I can say, this year I’ve learned the difference between writing songs and being a songwriter: carrying something, helping to create a sound of faith and honesty, and seeing a personal talent turned into something that serves the Church and honours God.”

Dallyce Thiessen

Vocal Major 2015  /  International Student

“Being a student at Creative Lab provides the perfect opportunities to develop character and a relationship and intimacy with God. Individual mentoring, Bible studies, character development classes – all of these were seriously the best tools to getting me focussed back on God and becoming more who He has called me to be. It’s crazy how the environment at Creative Lab genuinely will get rid of that facade you worked so hard to put up before you came. Creative Lab will show the REAL you, and I discovered that first hand! And that’s not a bad thing! I want to encourage anyone, if you give God this year, or the rest of your life, don’t be surprised if He takes it. It’s the best thing that will every happen to you.”

Tim O’Malley

Guitar Major 2015

“Equippers Creative Lab has not just strengthened my character as a follower of Christ, but has also given me the musical skills and knowledge to continue pursuing a career in music.”

More To Come

The latest album to emerge from Equippers Creative Lab is titled MORE TO COME. Written and developed from the class of 2015, it has a variety of energised praise and restful worship.


Spaces was written and performed by the class of 2014. It features a collection of their original and spiritually inspired songs. 
#Start A Creative Revolution