Creative Lab Global

Hi there! Welcome to Creative Lab Global! Our online campus community where you can not only feast on a smorgasbord of video modules of all the course content used on-site, at our Auckland campus, but you can also share and interact with fellow students and staff online through community chats, threads, webinars, and other web-based activities.


There’s no question our on-site campus experience is awesome. Our environment of worship, ministry, family, personal mentoring, and real world, local church application is a grand slam win! However, we know most people can’t leave home, family, jobs and ministry to get away to the other side of the world for a year (as beautiful as it is in New Zealand).


So, to serve you guys, we’ve taken as much of the great content we teach in school, and put it online! Now you have no excuse! Work at your own pace, in your own space, and see God do amazing things in your life as you honour the gifts He’s given you, and invest into your faith, your future and, ultimately, into eternity!


We’re so excited to be able to share our courses with you in the form of
four certificates:


  • Technical Production
  • Worship Leadership
  • Musicianship
  • Music Production and Recording


Technical Production

September 1 will see the release of our ‘Sound’ module as a part of our Technical
Production certificate. Further modules will be released periodically
throughout the year as our incredible video team get their roll on.

The Creative Lab Global Certificate of Technical Production will include:

Sound, Lighting, Video, Stage Design, and Management & Logistics.


Worship Leadership

Pastors Wayne & Libby Huirua have a global anointing for worship, and a passion to see the church worshipping in truth and purity. This is not just a course on how to lead worship, this is both Worship and Leadership together! What does it really mean to worship? What is the role of worship in the life of an individual, a team, a church? How do you develop and maintain a vibrant, life-filled worship ministry in your church? This module works on you, your character, your intimacy with God, and follows it up with leadership, team strategy and, of course, practical musical skills for leading worship!



Regardless of style or musical preference, the three pillars of musicianship must be strong – a good ear, solid rhythm and great feel!

The Creative Lab Global Certificate of Musicianship will include:

  • Ear and Rhythm Training
  • Principles of Music Arrangement
  • Principles of Improvisation
  • Principles of Performance
  • Feel and Communication
  • Songwriting


Music Production and Recording

The objective of this certificate is for students to be able to complete solid recordings using Logic or similar programs. Part producer, part engineer, many artists are home recording today, and this certificate will let you in on the basic principles of producing, engineering, mixing and mastering in order to record all the great stuff you wrote during the musicianship certificate!


Whether you work live, or in the studio, these principles will sharpen your ear, develop your feel, and hone your skills to achieve great sounding recordings!


Register here to be updated when the first modules are released!


Wayne and Libby.